From Aberdeen to Yeovil and just about everywhere in between, Moneypouch is a tried and tested way of collecting school monies.

What is it?

  • Booklets contain 40 envelopes (extra envelopes can be added).
  • Envelopes are personalised by you to suit your needs.
  • One booklet which will last a child for a whole school year.

How does it help my school?

  • Eliminate confusion over the purpose of money brought into school.
  • Minimise time spent collecting and recording school money
  • Reduce school money deficit.
  • Remove burden of handling money from teachers.

Who does it benefit?

  • Pupils can keep their money safe and secure.
  • “Parents love the ease of sending money in the pouches” (Principal, Enniskillen Integrated P.S.).
  • Teachers are spared the inconvenience of lots of loose change.
  • Admin Staff can clearly read for what the money is intended and from whom it is received.
  • We know budgets are always tight so why not ask your PTA to help or sell the booklets on to the parent or guardian at a price you choose.