If you can imagine it you can print it. Transform your imaginations into reality and open doors to a new world of creativity.

Innovation has arrived
Print, varnish, texturise, crease and cut all in one process. By using multiple layers you can simulate embossing and create truly unique custom textured effects from water droplets to faux leather to crocodile skin and even produce Braille plus decorative and functional matte and gloss spot varnishes. As your customers literally feel the colour you will find yourself asking their question “how did you do that?”

Short run print
In small quantities you can easily produce truly unique high impact customised advertising and promotional material in virtually any size, shape or texture – including labels, invitations, menus, posters, point of sale materials, postcards, tickets, membrane panels, wedding stationery, vouchers, price tags, phone skins and presentation certificates.

Suitable base materials include standard coated papers and boards, metallic and synthetic papers, vinyl adhesives, plastic board, polycarbonates and other rigid substrates up to 1mm thick.

Packaging prototypes
Good samples are critical to your success and a key part of any client presentation. Using conventional methods takes considerable production time and valuable resources. We can create custom prototypes on a wide range of materials and print, cut and crease in one integrated system in a fraction of the time producing high quality samples with a maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi with the ability to spot UV varnish, texturise using clear flow varnish and even produce Braille.